Spain after Brexit

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There are many people wondering, what happens to British citizens who want to travel to Spain for tourism, study or reside, and of course, those who are already here.

The short answer is: «until December 31st nothing changes but you must REGISTER as a resident in Spain». We will explain later what this «registration» refers to.

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University fees will probably change from 2021, but if you start your studies before that date, the EU fees will be maintained, so if you are thinking of starting studies in Spain, it is better if you advance your plans a little.


British citizens who wish to come and reside in Spain during this year will have extended rights once the Brexit is complete, but they must be duly registered as residents. Those who are already here and have not yet registered will have to do so during this implementation period. If due to laziness or lack of time you have not yet done so, it is IMPORTANT that you do so.

This registration is done at the Foreigners Office in your place of residence, and it will only take you 1 day to do it. To do this you must meet the following requirements


If you are a British citizen and you receive an exportable and contributory pension (ESA), or any other exportable benefit, you must register with the Social Security offices and apply for an S1 certificate, in order to have the health care covered.

If you are employed in Spain and are paying social security contributions, you are entitled to public health care.

tourism to spain

Until December 31st you will be able to use your passport as before. After that date, possible changes are not yet known. If there are, we will keep you updated.

driving in spain

If you are already resident in Spain, you must exchange your driving licence for a Spanish one. The procedure is carried out in the offices of the DGT by appointment. It is important to have your license in order. In case of loss, you must go to the DVLA in the UK to request a certificate of entitlement in order to apply for a Spanish licence.
In case of short journeys, the UK licence can still be used on EU territory.

working in spain

If you are registered as a resident in Spain, you will continue to have the right to work. After December 31st 2020 the rules will change for those NOT registered, so the most important thing is to register as soon as possible.

We leave you with some interesting links to the websites that have official information about this.

Links of interest:


If you have any doubts about how the Brexit can affect you, or if you need help with any of these procedures, do not hesitate to contact us.

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